Jul 9, 2008

Today i damn no mood because of that bitch . ARHH! make my whole brotha worried bout it. she just a bitch !

A bitch. couple up with my Brotha. then she was a good planner actually. after months she was lying about her cousin is a model and bla bla. Friendster account her gang was like 20 plus of ZHIMUI. then us . the BROTHA gang got addicted to her cousin because all of her cousin was damn pretty . i admit larh -.-" (EII i never do anything wrong arh to *HER*) i dint even take number okay! but i wanted too HAH! .

The whole story is like she using 1-4 sim card messaging some of my brother because she , Herself acting as her cousin , the cousin is NON EXIST . Until last Wednesday! we found out cause we were eating together as usual we got tuition . so we went dinner and she went to the Maxis center and bought a New Sim card. That night after tuition my friend found out that a girl known as her cousin message her. So in school the next day . oh god larh. we come up with a meeting again. They call me when i was under detention in the Office Room to check up two maxis number . So i went and check and. BOOM! two sim card is under her name. *I'm not going to mention her name . then one more number is DIGI. so my friend brother check it. AND? BOOM again . we all felt very angry until yesterday we call for meeting after tuition . She doesn't wanna tell the truth and late night she call up her boyfriend and tell the truth . where can u find this kind of GIRL! haihh. i am damn disappointed because we, Brotha trust her too much .


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