Jul 5, 2008

I'm into a PSP game named B-BOY! omg :D

i play while I'm working whole day . i realize time pass so fast. i dint even touch a book today whatthefark larh SOYA . that game is awesome seriously. make me more understand about B-BOY-ing means. the basic are WINDMILL (WT FUCK) , TOP ROCK , DOWN ROCK and FREEZE.

here is some of the picture bout the game . PHYSICX in there too :D

baby freeze!

whats that!?

see . cool right?

change clothes! :)


cool o.O
btw i forget to tell u guys something i drop my psp in da water and haven repair. i wanna play B-BOY ! someone lend me PSP . u can keep the MEMORY card!

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Vincent Tong said...

ohh great somebody say that wanna study huh?