Jul 9, 2008

Love story .

it been damn long i got no GF . sister is quite busy body now days. she is thinking that i already got her . she ask me to bring her let her see. she is damn annoying . i told her I'm single since 25 January 2006! she wouldn't believe me . she know my ex. the only ex and my first love. but she think we are sweet couple last time and too early for me. actually i got miss her . but too bad . she with one of my friend already . hope u all together forever larh if u reading this. i still got no idea why i still cant get a new one after so so long. for people who think I'm a player , Oh please buy a new specs! with the ultimate power of 10k . its been too long of lonely time i still not going to give up until one day i really disappoint. before this girl I'm after i also got like one girl before. she study nearby my school , stay near my school , she walk back everyday , i accompany almost all the time by walking to her house send her home and i take bus home . in the year of January 2007 , that time May 2007 i found out that she couple with a guy , seriously damn sad . but she got her own reason why choosing him not me right? i understand . Me and her now are really good friends . So that time i really disappoint until July i saw a girl which is the girl i mention early above there . until now. haihh. never mind , she also thinks I'm a player . what to do? i got nothing to say , just shut my damn mouth with a banana . so until one day i really free and not broke i will find her . promise .

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