Jul 12, 2008

Hello peeps!
OKAY lemme see what I did yesterday ? after Maths tuition, i went basketball at chiliung! as i can say! i din't play basketball for like 2 months? since MSSD. soo i been force to train back because another competition is back! and arhh. jog for few round and i KO already cause i vomit out burger ! hah i ate burger for dinner. so i rest for awhile i feel cramp on my stomach. i mean the WHOLE stomach . damn la. ! after that i play 1 on 1 with Loon . as always! i lose larh! haha. i think he damn the fcking "CHUN" nowdays . i dunno why i can't guard him one. since few year ago. but yesterday is like the hardest time to guard him lA~ i dunno how to guard him. some idea please people. i stay too infront he chiet me! i stay too back he shoot and chop.~ wahlau eh. SIN arh SIN! . okay then 11 o`clock already! i went back. ~ i sleep!

morning , i wake up . 11o`clock ~ 10+ miss call. 5 message. HAHA. because today got competition 3vs3 , i edy know la i cant wake up :D because as usual? they say play as a legend! i rather sleep as a legend~ wehee. so they rush me because they say they playing soon~ so i rush to school. and the game finish by losing a free throw point~ haihyar! all the best la. i doesnt like 3 on 3 seriously it was like u can injured easily! after that i went TnS , play some dota , LOl i still suck at it after all. then i play NBA 07. haha so nice la.!~ simply slam , *i wonder i slam* i'm currently damn boring because all brother went for the Bon Odori thing , my house is nearby Rally!~ but my leg very the pain so I din't go , and i got myself a Wedding dinner, my cousin . so people. thats for this few days! i will let u see how that Loon chiet people because i took video~

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