Nov 28, 2009

today was a happy and tiring day ,
9 of the Brotha went lagoon to see Beach Girl. hahaha Bitch girl..
damn man damn ..
sunburn all over my body how sexy.

get my new phone already , this wont will last damn long because my only first avaxx phone and my own hard money .. picture of lagoon will be uploaded..

Nov 24, 2009

Insurance is hard , damn hard! aiks.

Hope that my sales will improve when i joined back selling Phone bah . Hopeeeeee so. waiting this friday and saturday =)

Nov 21, 2009

You wrote "can you please shut ur fucking mouth in ur blog"

is refering to me . Let me tell you , Do you think is fair if i said One wrong thing i made to you , is like a disaster to me & you , 10 things you did to me , Did i ever scold the word "fuck" on you before?

You asked me , Do you still like me even i hurt you so many time before , I replied you the next day . Saying that I have my own rights not to reply you . Comment from Charmine , I'm am just avoiding the fact from you . Seriously. I still like you , feelings wont go away so easy . But i like you now was not deeper than last time already. Now the like is not already the love . Like is like , love is love. Understand this two word.

If you think we can be friends , then continue .

If you think you want to be my enemy . You're welcome too.

I just wanna let you know , Human got feelings , Soya also got feelings . No matter how much u did last time , i would just only be angry for 2 days . Who is the one sharing with you all these while. You told me , your friends treat you some kind already. I just feel that , If you treat someone some kind , then u will get the same feelings back. Did i ever treat u that somekind even though every week at least a once we did fight.

My mind was only Friends Friends .

Why dont you just appreciate someone close to you .

You know i'm refering to you & got people also will know . you know im refering to you.

I do not mind if u set back you blog to private back.

Different World people.

Nov 19, 2009

Which is nicer and better.

Blackberry kinda expensive. 1900++
E72 1500++
E71 1200++

prefer e72 but the design kinda ugly. compare e71.

i just feel im getting lazy and lazy day by day , hope something change me again.

hoping her to get her best in everything she hope.

hope all my friend are health and full of hapiness.

Changing job next month . Kinda meh seh tak Star Cruise already. Is my longest job . a blink of my eye already 6months there. 18/05/09 .

Hopeee i meet someone older for more advice.!

Good luck world.

Nov 17, 2009

Aiming for Handphone first. =) e71 or e72 wait for me baby. COme onn , why issit so hard doing case..

Nov 13, 2009

today had already decide a very hard decision towardds my career. i will be stopping working in office and helping my boss , and also doing stable vision still. but i will be lack of time doing stable vision i guess. made the deciision. he always support me at the back , finance , physical , moral. i think i should help him.

Nov 10, 2009

Life is getting better , im feeling it la . but i really really exhausted on this industry already.. i really try my very the vest already . sometime i feeel im lifelesss haih. everyday workwork hang out late night , online till 3am only sleep. i just donwan wait time on sleep. really... i hope there is just a medicine that wont make me tired. i really focusing on this career! i hopee all my friend have their good career ! i wannt to go bali.. but 35k fyp . haihh. i only got 3k noww. i donwan to giv up. 20k is the mininum aim for BONUS! hopes miracle happen .

Oct 19, 2009

i want my life to be normal . like some 18 kids to go College , my dream was like to be something famous such as designer or smething , but my choice was Event Managing , but u guys wouldn't know Studying a event course cost you more than 4 Diploma Courses in TARC. Aiyah Private and goverment different standard la. noobhai one. You ask me borrow loan study one 40k course. i come out work. you want i pay till how old? 20 years? 20 year old come out , pay to goverment till i'm 40 still owe the goverment money . each month 160. a year 2k , i rather buy insurance so that time i pass away the money still flow what. There are so many part time job, why im not working for it? Hello there , Time pass very fast , 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 , im here 10 second already. No matter how poor how rich , bill gate or some slumdog , ur seconds , minutes , hours , day also like that pass what. no matter how sad , how happy. ? the time still moving what , tick tick tick. Friends always asked me , Why i cant wake up during 12pm when i called.? I think is because i donwant to waste my time sleeping on the bed , But i sleep at 8am in the morning , i waste my time to sleep too. why dont some scientist create some medical that human not need to sleep one. that time i 24hour work. confirm achieve my dreams. hope those big brain one will find the product la. Study + Work 2gther . Do you think easy to manage your time? Aiyo Guys out there, after class where got so song find work do or do homework one , sure at college kap lui one la , then flirt there flirt here. Wait Die la.

If one day i will pass away , but i don't know when . i just hope everyone know i die d la.

Mission is on the way. 3 years . 2012 , disaster time :D
Life is just fucking screw up everything im planning something . Why always the family must be the first Person that make me no mood one leh? Seriously. Every morning , got nag by mum , reach home , those kind of unsatisfied face. Just because you older , because u born earlier. If i were you , i also can go college now and drive my own car . Just that i sibeh ke lan eh sueh nia ma . all suffer by myself. i really hate life. Every of them try to make my life as normal as possible. But day by day , everything come straight and shoot me. To me , Monday - Friday is a fucking dulan day no matter what. Unless no one is at home , This is why Saturday Sunday i will be lepaking whole day or sleeping whole day . I don't wanna sit in the living room talking bullshit with u guys , I used to talk to you all alot. but day by day , Income not enough wanna ask for more , this that this that extra charge , car also less use. Walao ehh . U think very song arh every morning 6am wake up , 7 am go work , 7pm reach home , u come enjoy my life la. You try and see la. I think is suffer because i was from a wealthy to become a kesian felar la. If i born not wealthy i sure okay with the fucking situation one , is been two years , i hanging myself try to prove myself can be succesful . I did not blame time. i blame myself . being lazy . I already started to work hard since last month , Push my hobbies away . avoid from joining basketball competition already. I cant do everything in the same time.


i just hate the Soe family. seriously , unfair !

Jul 31, 2009

ARHH , stress betul . GOOD LUCK to PANDAMARAN players 2molo match DNA . pray la pray la... Is already two years i dint played for Qian Nian Bei , haha how good . hope can be like that time la. 2molo 9pm at ENG ANN COURT! PANDAMARAN vs DNA , once again . LOL

Jul 17, 2009


because i play basketball and i was so careless. dumb

i feel kinda useless after the incident happen .

Jul 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Adele. sorry la aiyoh. i wanted to be the last one leh, but i miss out the time , sorry la Adele. (no pictures to upload) at my desktop all old pics .

Back from basketball. Ain't feeling good. injuries , wounds on my legs. Competition will be in 2 more weeks. Is damn fast and i hate it because my leg haven't recover plus I didn't even train. fckk! I hate it lahh. aiyooooo! Lazy to update , anyone Bon Odori this Saturday? anyone know where to get costume arh? Buy or Rent la.

Bukit Cahaya pictures :



Welcome to Taman Haiwan.

I can't catch up what he is doing



Loon , Desmond and Me.
Was looking for the map.

Where are we la?

Desmond , the heartless

We wanna do the Tugu Negara . Failed.

Trademarks whenever I go.

Everyone almost die.

I learn a lesson , Life is like Cycling Uphill.
When you meet some difficulty. Is like you Cycling uphill.
When every things is easy , Is when you were going downhill.
Life is never easy. Good Luck everyone .
Thanks for the supports.

Jul 12, 2009

Happy Birthday
Tan Mei Fenn.
so called my Besto.
This picture was like 3 years back i think .
Now She had turn more leng and leng.
Me i pulak turn older and older.
so fugly and fuglier.
No new pics of Us available.
Bcoz you guys need to wait me turn Hotter then I only go take pics with her.
and this won't happen unless i dream.
Just wanna wish you a Happy Birthday ,
wanted to sing to you , but u also heartless one forget mine.
Wish you won't be tension in college la. All the best you and your BF.
Hope you always Healthy and Hope you always Happy.
12th July

So today Brotha plan to go Bukit Cahaya. So before that Loon fetch Me , Desmond and Ben . so we head to eat Bah Kut Teh at Teluk Pulai. Joined with Tong , Chee Siang and Chua. So we order and eat. After eat , call for the bill , Wahh , it been years i din't eat Bah Kut Teh already. RM 9 weh add one big rice only but the Bah Kut Teh there taste Delicious.

So we went to Bukit Cahaya. Everyone was like Wahhh.. Really enjoy during the First 2 hours. We rent bicycle , so we went cycling the whole area. The funny part was . OH SHIT , HELL! then everyone giving the boring face is because we saw the UP HILL. Then we reach the top of the hill , everyone will be HEAVEN because we are going down hill. Then got one moment i was checking on the map. That Bugger Tong was so into the environment until HE SHOUTED AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SOYAAAA!!!!!!!!!! then i turn behind , i say HONGKAN! He this unprofessional cyclist bang me at the back. End up i was lying on the floor and everyone laugh, Seriously, THEY ARE DAMN CIBAI. I was like want to laugh but the pain in my *AHEM* so we continue the journey and the bicycle i cycle the rim spoil , so i have to cycle like a mad fella. it was damn Sueh okay , the date 12 July . So after all the Fun , we plan to go Pandamaran for chicken rice. everyone eat eat eat . Haha. end up all damn tired go home , that idiot Desmond invite me play Garena end up say , Eh After i update Garena i go sleep d lor. Lucky i got people to chat at msn . Boon Kieat called me and say Basketball tonight. i say cannot la Leg pain all. End up that Ling Ding call and force me . So i went basketball. So all the parts of my body gonna be rotten soon. i will End up dead. without News.

Picture Will Be Update Soon and Some Videos.
Ouch. Feel the PAIN.

It happen during i wanna Shii Shii at the back alley . haha. Idiot Desmond laugh non stop .

We was walking to the back alley bcoz there is no toilet  and we cannot tahan already. so he was like. Eh , very dark la. i scare . Then nvm lor. i say ehh i behtahan already la.. so i walk first .
Out of sudden. i fell into the longkang liao. babi. lucky my hand hold the longkang. kinda deep. lucky one leg kena the water . but full on injury on the legs and toe. . I fall that time he laughing . papaya la him dint even help me up. i come out from the longkang myself weh. then the conservation starts damn funny.

Soya: tomorrow cannot follow u all go bukit cahaya already la. pain la , pain la.
Desmond : ehh , ur slipper lehh.
Soya          : ehh , down there , help me take. 
Desmond  : Very dark la  , no torch light .
Soya: *badWords* ( cant see anything just put my hand inside and take)
Desmond : *Blur liao*
Soya : Eh cb . i lazy wanna walk to the back alley already la. U wan Shii Shii here anot?
Desmond : I cannot already la. i see u so funny . the urine dunno go where already.
Soya : Chibai still laugh , fuck u la. i ownself pang la. ( Start)
Desmond : tomorrow really cant go d meh. 
Soya: (Din"t Bother. Continue)
Desmond: Woi u damn long lor. 
Soya: I tahan damn long already lor. Until i donwan play the 2nd game was looking for toilet , but Kayu tutup already. 
Desmond : (laugh non stop)
Soya: Enough arhh later you dont need go back already . Ehh holiao. Song ahhh.. (finish already)
Desmond : gia go tell them . they sure laugh like mad one.
Soya: yala yala.

after went in yastako.

Desmond : Eh u know ar? Soya drop in the Longkang . (LAUGH NONSTOP)
Everyone was like : WTF , people drop longkang u laugh arh. later you dont need go back already. 

Then everyone started to say. omg how you fell inside.  that Chibai desmond. bring them to the incident and laugh like a mad fela again. Then everyone asking. Why keep laugh , not funny leh , He Explain , u imagine Soya so fat arhh drop inside then samo he say pain eh chibai all. later samo say beh tahan urine at the longkang . Knn betul Desmond tu.  Lucky Loon and Tong din't join us or else that two the mouth laugh non stop one. 

Where to find a toilet at 2.45am? Mamade. Havent reach back Alley already drop inside =.="

After all , i also laugh . LOL. i find its funny. I think is was a experience , haha , last time i usually drop inside schools longkang. .I miss school :(