Nov 21, 2009

You wrote "can you please shut ur fucking mouth in ur blog"

is refering to me . Let me tell you , Do you think is fair if i said One wrong thing i made to you , is like a disaster to me & you , 10 things you did to me , Did i ever scold the word "fuck" on you before?

You asked me , Do you still like me even i hurt you so many time before , I replied you the next day . Saying that I have my own rights not to reply you . Comment from Charmine , I'm am just avoiding the fact from you . Seriously. I still like you , feelings wont go away so easy . But i like you now was not deeper than last time already. Now the like is not already the love . Like is like , love is love. Understand this two word.

If you think we can be friends , then continue .

If you think you want to be my enemy . You're welcome too.

I just wanna let you know , Human got feelings , Soya also got feelings . No matter how much u did last time , i would just only be angry for 2 days . Who is the one sharing with you all these while. You told me , your friends treat you some kind already. I just feel that , If you treat someone some kind , then u will get the same feelings back. Did i ever treat u that somekind even though every week at least a once we did fight.

My mind was only Friends Friends .

Why dont you just appreciate someone close to you .

You know i'm refering to you & got people also will know . you know im refering to you.

I do not mind if u set back you blog to private back.

Different World people.

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