Jul 12, 2009

Ouch. Feel the PAIN.

It happen during i wanna Shii Shii at the back alley . haha. Idiot Desmond laugh non stop .

We was walking to the back alley bcoz there is no toilet  and we cannot tahan already. so he was like. Eh , very dark la. i scare . Then nvm lor. i say ehh i behtahan already la.. so i walk first .
Out of sudden. i fell into the longkang liao. babi. lucky my hand hold the longkang. kinda deep. lucky one leg kena the water . but full on injury on the legs and toe. . I fall that time he laughing . papaya la him dint even help me up. i come out from the longkang myself weh. then the conservation starts damn funny.

Soya: tomorrow cannot follow u all go bukit cahaya already la. pain la , pain la.
Desmond : ehh , ur slipper lehh.
Soya          : ehh , down there , help me take. 
Desmond  : Very dark la  , no torch light .
Soya: *badWords* ( cant see anything just put my hand inside and take)
Desmond : *Blur liao*
Soya : Eh cb . i lazy wanna walk to the back alley already la. U wan Shii Shii here anot?
Desmond : I cannot already la. i see u so funny . the urine dunno go where already.
Soya : Chibai still laugh , fuck u la. i ownself pang la. ( Start)
Desmond : tomorrow really cant go d meh. 
Soya: (Din"t Bother. Continue)
Desmond: Woi u damn long lor. 
Soya: I tahan damn long already lor. Until i donwan play the 2nd game was looking for toilet , but Kayu tutup already. 
Desmond : (laugh non stop)
Soya: Enough arhh later you dont need go back already . Ehh holiao. Song ahhh.. (finish already)
Desmond : gia go tell them . they sure laugh like mad one.
Soya: yala yala.

after went in yastako.

Desmond : Eh u know ar? Soya drop in the Longkang . (LAUGH NONSTOP)
Everyone was like : WTF , people drop longkang u laugh arh. later you dont need go back already. 

Then everyone started to say. omg how you fell inside.  that Chibai desmond. bring them to the incident and laugh like a mad fela again. Then everyone asking. Why keep laugh , not funny leh , He Explain , u imagine Soya so fat arhh drop inside then samo he say pain eh chibai all. later samo say beh tahan urine at the longkang . Knn betul Desmond tu.  Lucky Loon and Tong din't join us or else that two the mouth laugh non stop one. 

Where to find a toilet at 2.45am? Mamade. Havent reach back Alley already drop inside =.="

After all , i also laugh . LOL. i find its funny. I think is was a experience , haha , last time i usually drop inside schools longkang. .I miss school :(

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