Jul 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Adele. sorry la aiyoh. i wanted to be the last one leh, but i miss out the time , sorry la Adele. (no pictures to upload) at my desktop all old pics .

Back from basketball. Ain't feeling good. injuries , wounds on my legs. Competition will be in 2 more weeks. Is damn fast and i hate it because my leg haven't recover plus I didn't even train. fckk! I hate it lahh. aiyooooo! Lazy to update , anyone Bon Odori this Saturday? anyone know where to get costume arh? Buy or Rent la.

Bukit Cahaya pictures :



Welcome to Taman Haiwan.

I can't catch up what he is doing



Loon , Desmond and Me.
Was looking for the map.

Where are we la?

Desmond , the heartless

We wanna do the Tugu Negara . Failed.

Trademarks whenever I go.

Everyone almost die.

I learn a lesson , Life is like Cycling Uphill.
When you meet some difficulty. Is like you Cycling uphill.
When every things is easy , Is when you were going downhill.
Life is never easy. Good Luck everyone .
Thanks for the supports.

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KOKahKOK said...

wu wu wu ur trademark damn yeng also...fei zai YENG!!