Jul 12, 2009

Happy Birthday
Tan Mei Fenn.
so called my Besto.
This picture was like 3 years back i think .
Now She had turn more leng and leng.
Me i pulak turn older and older.
so fugly and fuglier.
No new pics of Us available.
Bcoz you guys need to wait me turn Hotter then I only go take pics with her.
and this won't happen unless i dream.
Just wanna wish you a Happy Birthday ,
wanted to sing to you , but u also heartless one forget mine.
Wish you won't be tension in college la. All the best you and your BF.
Hope you always Healthy and Hope you always Happy.
12th July

So today Brotha plan to go Bukit Cahaya. So before that Loon fetch Me , Desmond and Ben . so we head to eat Bah Kut Teh at Teluk Pulai. Joined with Tong , Chee Siang and Chua. So we order and eat. After eat , call for the bill , Wahh , it been years i din't eat Bah Kut Teh already. RM 9 weh add one big rice only but the Bah Kut Teh there taste Delicious.

So we went to Bukit Cahaya. Everyone was like Wahhh.. Really enjoy during the First 2 hours. We rent bicycle , so we went cycling the whole area. The funny part was . OH SHIT , HELL! then everyone giving the boring face is because we saw the UP HILL. Then we reach the top of the hill , everyone will be HEAVEN because we are going down hill. Then got one moment i was checking on the map. That Bugger Tong was so into the environment until HE SHOUTED AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SOYAAAA!!!!!!!!!! then i turn behind , i say HONGKAN! He this unprofessional cyclist bang me at the back. End up i was lying on the floor and everyone laugh, Seriously, THEY ARE DAMN CIBAI. I was like want to laugh but the pain in my *AHEM* so we continue the journey and the bicycle i cycle the rim spoil , so i have to cycle like a mad fella. it was damn Sueh okay , the date 12 July . So after all the Fun , we plan to go Pandamaran for chicken rice. everyone eat eat eat . Haha. end up all damn tired go home , that idiot Desmond invite me play Garena end up say , Eh After i update Garena i go sleep d lor. Lucky i got people to chat at msn . Boon Kieat called me and say Basketball tonight. i say cannot la Leg pain all. End up that Ling Ding call and force me . So i went basketball. So all the parts of my body gonna be rotten soon. i will End up dead. without News.

Picture Will Be Update Soon and Some Videos.

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