Oct 19, 2009

i want my life to be normal . like some 18 kids to go College , my dream was like to be something famous such as designer or smething , but my choice was Event Managing , but u guys wouldn't know Studying a event course cost you more than 4 Diploma Courses in TARC. Aiyah Private and goverment different standard la. noobhai one. You ask me borrow loan study one 40k course. i come out work. you want i pay till how old? 20 years? 20 year old come out , pay to goverment till i'm 40 still owe the goverment money . each month 160. a year 2k , i rather buy insurance so that time i pass away the money still flow what. There are so many part time job, why im not working for it? Hello there , Time pass very fast , 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 , im here 10 second already. No matter how poor how rich , bill gate or some slumdog , ur seconds , minutes , hours , day also like that pass what. no matter how sad , how happy. ? the time still moving what , tick tick tick. Friends always asked me , Why i cant wake up during 12pm when i called.? I think is because i donwant to waste my time sleeping on the bed , But i sleep at 8am in the morning , i waste my time to sleep too. why dont some scientist create some medical that human not need to sleep one. that time i 24hour work. confirm achieve my dreams. hope those big brain one will find the product la. Study + Work 2gther . Do you think easy to manage your time? Aiyo Guys out there, after class where got so song find work do or do homework one , sure at college kap lui one la , then flirt there flirt here. Wait Die la.

If one day i will pass away , but i don't know when . i just hope everyone know i die d la.

Mission is on the way. 3 years . 2012 , disaster time :D


FØrєvє® Dëv!Ľ said...

banana..add oil yea..i always support u..

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