Jul 14, 2008

OKAY people ,

a bad news . i need you guys help to recognize this two girls . my friend/brotha! been cheating by his girlfriend , that the girlfriend mention this two is her cousin , she said living somewhere in KL or PJ , with her story so far , no one believing her only my friend . HER STORY IS VERY THE LONG , SO I WILL POST OUT SOON UNTIL I FIND ALL THE TRUTH! Us , brotha , very disappoint that you can trust her , BUT N-e-v-e-r-m-i-n-d . I'm here finding all the LIES she lie you! she must go to hell very the soon . i hope so? in her school . no one said that she is good but everyone say that she is just a bitch walking around moving her bloody ass.
sorry for being rude, its just that i hate people that cheats on other people . she act like someone need her badly , oh god la. u make yourself drunk and get back to him, i don't think you already wake up la childish girl although i also childish la. but why the fuck you must be a LIAR and saying that everyone begs you . my friend just don't want to let you go because is his FIRST LOVE. not because you crying or what? is very when people been play la. you suka suka main people love . wahlau eh. I tell you la *if you reading this* i cant tahan you la. i just hope that u walk out the road and just got bang! OKAY is a curse! but for god sake she go hell faster la. I know you are happy because he with you back right now and you are so happy saying that " HE IS MY FOURTH BF right?" motherfucker! i tell you la. when you still don wan to admit the truth! don let me spread the video around till Internet media and so on. US , 15 brotha already hated you , not just because you cheat on us , because you just hell stupid and don't want to face the fact and keep drink beer and act drunk in front of us. you just don't know the meaning of LOVE. we already know the truth about the sim card thing! but your Boyfriend is still trust you because he love you damn BITCH!

PEOPLE , i really need your help , especially Subang peeps! anyone can recognize them .
for more details can ask me for their picture at SOYA.JENN@hotmail.com , email me !
from photos i can see they go for clubbing , but the background i never see before.



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KOKahKOK said...

wat video....come on....share wif me! can ah?

very pretty neh...if i dun read i though is ur "dream girls"