Jul 10, 2008

Love lagi.

Okay. bad news. - I Give Up on Her. i notice she got crush on someone already . also one of my friend. actually I'm sad and happy at the same time. i don't know why. she at last found someone she like. a good thing larh :) hope u both can couple up soon la. for emo people like me . CHEER UP . and for SPM people . open your book people :) i study because i being lecture by my Penolong Kanan , Counselor and Sister and of cause my Mother. hah. today Mother were call to go school , she cant go so sister went. Penolong Kanan . Mr Loh lecture about my result and studies. Mid Year exam and lots more about future and so On. I cried. oh god and laugh . i just don't know why .

soya - currently study mode.

EMO PEOPLE , CHEER UP ! don't be like me , TRUST YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! :) bercita-cita tinggi barulah boleh mencapainya .

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