May 29, 2009


working for the FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sales. Located at Centro Klang. Get paid after the event , Rm50. willing to work la. they provided 3meals. all the stuff were damn cheap cheap , see alots of familiar faces.  after that went over SupperClub. what can i comment bout this club? i enjoy the music there. dancefloor were small compare Euphoria. Reach home around 4am. sleep awhile. .


Slept for a few hours only. and continue working for the FJ Benjamin Warehouse sales. i was super duper tired. haha. sleepy . i was in charge of taking care the Fitting room , Ben with Brian visited me , Ben accompany me after the sales. Guess bag for Rm 20 . Omg la . for staff la. I din't buy anything . Wanted to buy the watch on my previous post that cost around RM 240 plus 15% discount. Already cash out the money from my Atm card , then suddenly felt don't want to buy already. After that I went Aeon to Mini Toons for some examination . Haha. for Commission. copy all the answer , lepak at the store room. i remember the break time I always sleep there. nice place to sleep. I can sleep at where and anytime. This show me I'm a pig. 


 Nothing Special , working day . After working went and play basketball =) I'm gonna train become better than the before.


After work. basketball again , realize that my shoe were tore and I already plan to get a new one but not sure when I wanna get it. Kevin Durant , Orange :)


Ntg Special :)


While working , receive a message from my Brotha Teoh its say that there was a job on Saturday and Sunday for 2 weeks. So I'm working for it. Is at Banting , inside a School i think! after work , message from Ker Lin that Euphoria tonight , Ladies , it was a last minutes plan. stuck at home feeling sleep , but i love Euphoria. the music and the dance floor. that night was the night I saw powerful bboy dance there and battle around , A lot of Pro's. Salute them .  text Xuan to wake me up , bcoz Angel din't go school tomorrow so she din wake up. 3.30am reach home , sleep around 4am . The job that sell book I'm working with 3 Sher Lin Friends , haha, Kowie , Chew Woon and Sally ( saw her before at CNY Sher Lin House)


Office day , with Casual , how relax. haha wearing a cap , t-shirt. texted Sally whether how was tomorrow stuff. boring during office. busying emailing Xuan and Swee Fong , ntg much better to do because i had already finish my thing. I always think friendship is important for me , not love but friends. Seriously.  Tomorrow is the last day for my Contact Lens , closing batch , order fast people. 

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