May 31, 2009

Kevin Durant Shoe and Sultan Cup

so far this was my wish list.. I am getting this week . ha ha. RM 240 ? okay arh? Angel say SUI. mwahhaa.. Wanna thanks my dear coach for advise. really helped alot. gave me more confident to daily training. Mwhahaa. Pandamaran lost in playoff last night. but the spirit is still there. i still respect all the player how hard the spirit they have weh. Playoff game 1 lost 16points , so must win more than 16 point , they really chiong kau kau to win lor. 3rd quarter they won around 21 point already. too bad 4Th quarter  got a lil bit unlucky let them chase back. but overall i still like the way they play. All of them play out of their limit wehh. Loon and Zhe Fah shots made their spirit up , but don't forget Chi Chi , Kumar , Boon Kieat , Siao Long rebound and box out. yesterday they play till damn good la seriously. never see they so pia before. HAha. Ah Di really lack of something , Loon and Boon Kieat plan to get something for him already.. Haha. 

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