May 22, 2009

Life working in the Star Cruise Office.?
haha.! i think office job is much more fun compare to Mini Toons . Office work is Boring but alot of benefits. You can learn alot of stuff , free time , sms , hear song .. Even can train your Hardworking . even can play EMAIL weh. after work most of the weekdays now i been to basketball training . How's Basketball? GREAT seriously. Coach teach me alot of defensive tactics. i forget all the skills he teach me before seriously. Lucky he willing to teach me back. i will concentrate for the upcoming tournament, Puchong and Qing Nian Bei. here i come . now days i think my life is getting better and better . more SEMANGAT although everytime also Exhausted la. i wanna thanks alot of people especailly Family , Brotha , and Friends supporting me even i wasted one year working first. Angel Blessing work too :) Ohh yahh! in the working place i was working with one of my last time crush la. been a while already , past is already the past , we are still friends :) comparing every morning waking up at 6am is very difficult. Lucky i got my morning call , alarm clock , phone alarm , imagine how many alarm i set , people who are close to me really know that HOW OFTEN i wake up early. is not easy of waking me up. got to change my sleeping attitude. . bout the Journey to working , bus take like around 1 hour plus to reach there. in that one hour im having my sweet dream until reach also tak tau , mostly also wanxian and sweefong wake me up then they will like wthell got so sleepy anot . back from the work , i also sleep 1hour plus. i donno why im so sleepy but not so sleepy during work. haha. i almost missed my stop wehh. i hate the traffic jam cause im late home just like today. normally reach home 7.20-7.35 today i reach home 8.15 , omg la. and tomorrow is FRIDAY , can wear casual.. weheeeee. so song.! i asked Ken Seong & Kai Cher what u guys wearing , they answer HIP HOP wear. not really into hiphop wear la actually ><" . i felt myself left out nowdays with some of my friends in subang or other gang . sorry guys. i miss damn alot person la. nowdays out also with brotha, family and pet sis only. i also left out most of the pet sis. AIKS. . i even miss feifei , hope she doing great at NZ la. she said she always eat instant noodle and subway, pity her. ! my next aim was , an I Phone or E71 and 65kg and below , basketball with fully defense.. LOL. this is about my daily life . i got my email at Star Cruise too , but too bad not my name yet :( ( i can only email with this email , cnat msn nor ntg :(

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