May 23, 2009

life? :)
talk bout life , people who do business most important thing is not the price. is about your responsible. seriously. i'm saying myself la. i promise some of my customer that the stock will arrive at the 2-4weeks on the month but i din make it. due some problem of the kastam , delayed 2 weeks later on :( i will be more responsible starting next time , there is so much thing i had learn since im working and NS. seriously NS teach u damn alot of stuff if u really refer back for the book they gave u. Life is actually to have fun , but ! u must really put effort in it only u can have fun lor. i started to jealous people that are in college. they like damn happy there la. HAIH :( to me now. i still need to consider the course i take next year again. First was Public Relation , Main was Event Management , Now. i have no IDEA. some Adults told me to take the courses that LESS in the market. but.. Intrested is another thing right? i can't do anything . how about working without studying? im not sure. HAIH :(

about working today , i missed my bus , so i made the bus waited me at another station , then my mum fetch me there. aiyoo.! i cannot like that already la. can die weh. today on the way back i dint sleep at the bus , thinking alot of stuff during that journey. aiyaya! star cruise is selling their furniture and It stuff damn cheap weh. i din't buy any . HAHA. bcoz i dont need any , there was an OLD ImaC cpu which only costed RM 100 =.=" all sold out. wasted sial. working is usually normal. can't finish my work today. because another department Hit all the bank in report alot sial. all must slowly find , thanks to the department la.(wan xian) telling her i got ntg to do yesterday she straight hit everything giv me , suffer sial. Monday and Tuesday must settle own Cruise Ferries d, Annie will not working the two days. so must ownself Zap sang. :)

btw , GUESS WAREHOUSE SALE is tomorrow and Sunday at Centro Klang the (MIA) haha.
i'm working there , so see me there , low paid but still a job :) sure alot of aunties come and sapu stock d one. HAHA .

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