May 5, 2009

Melaka Pictures!

Melaka Trip Pictures!
I'm Lazy to upload so many .
so cut it short :)

Loon & Me
Brotha & Boon Kieat

Teoh Cha & Loon
i find this picture funny randomly

The Group suffer 3 days 2 nights with Animal shit is now in Melaka Mall.

Don't forget our Villa contains SWIMMING POOL:)
few of us really tried to be daring and learn how to backflip to the pool.
actually is call backtuck.
even our own Vincent Tong made a FRONT FLIP in the AIR.
how wonderful :)
to all Brotha, that think they are Brotha :
please have a meeting soon , something that cannot be solve wanted to be solve soon ,
as soon as possible.

My Own Lovely Question
should i get Nokia E71?
should i cut my hair back to Mohawk?
should i study next year?
should i get a girlfriend soon?
should i work in the shopping mall or office work?
angel blessing.

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