Aug 19, 2008

Saturday a day out with my Brotha at Aeon . they went to catch a movie but i dint because i was still no transport. damn :( is early in the morning la. how to get there!.. so i reach there after they finish their movie . all Brotha meet up then we were looking for place to have a celebration with 3 of our Brotha bday who are August Baby ! - Tong, Lee Kiat and Desmond =) . SO we have our lunch at KFC . we cam whore this few days wtf! all the mirror fault! hah ! i think is the first time all the brotha came ! tak sangka! :D

While searching for food we went shopping and we cam whore at R20! hah we kacau the store kau kau leh leh!

see Loon with his "lala" pose :D *spot the finger*

guess who!

pop king wannabe! lol.

pass by some moot masage thing and saw this shark LOL.

After that we reach our venue! hah. KFC.
This 3 lo the August Baby , Tong fall earlier at 9 August! , Desmond was 21st August and Lee Kiat is that day . 16th August! wehee. they treat Brotha and Sister 3 barrel of KFC! sedap sial.. thats why i gain alot weight la! semua pasal u!

the three musketeers

they were wishing to have a GF if im not wrong!

after KFC , we went kacau Harvey Norman . haha . saw Elvina jie there with her boy . Lol. Hang there for awhile ni la. sibeh sien .

u can't whack me :D

so is Sunday . i slept again . all because i DOTA all night :D it was the Seminar thing . All Brotha said i will go i will go , End up , the 4 unbelievable one only go. guess who la! haha only Me , Chua , Loon and Ben . wtf. 4 of us are the most lazy one la. at class sleep all. then they hardworking one all dunno die where! i missed out the Econs Seminar so i only went for Maths!
the place is at HICT , Klang Parade! a lot of them went inside , after that some of them went out.

then not long ago. more people went out wtf. last but not last we stay for 2hour . we went out the last hour. too cold and boring already. at least we understand some of the topics! we even went to the 3rd row when someone of them went out . unbelievable.! believe it!

the tiny teacher

see Chua teaching Loon and Ben LOL.

i can't master this topic . someone help me ! hah.

we went out from the auditorium and what we do~ we Bboy Lol. as u know I'm a bboy wannabe a long long time ago , maybe few year ago! so this is how i look when ! Bboy! :D 321. break! lol.
we capture videos. i did something funny that i think is unforgetable memories!

Wachaa wanna battle? lmao.

see ! Loon start again , Mirror Mirror in the wall please let me take my leng cai face! .

then we went for Eng Ann street stall. i miss there i was there when i still study in Acmar. almost like 3 days per week for the Chee Cheong Fun and Popiah! hah . that place is nice , full with people. famous place! famous food! sedap di makan! haha.

see! Buh Buh Cha Cha!

Loon Rojak Mee!
after that i went Ben house to watch Mr Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan . damn him la. waste my time! ish i support u one lo. but Lin Dan damn powerful la. most point he get also when Chong Wei fall down he went Smash him! wahlau ehhh. Jiayou la Malaysia. ! FUCKKKK larh.

So is Monday and whole day at room at night i was asking sister for car , she wouldn't let again . Biasa d . so Chris ajak me mamak . he came and fetch me! and he was nice to fetch me to take my salary! hah . Modern yamcha with Randy , Joel , Teoh Cha and Chris . we sat there awhile and talk cock awhile then we need to go back . cause of curfew . Chris mom is strict! but she very nice auntie! haha. good also la mother strict! and thanks for the treat yeah Chris.!

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