Aug 11, 2008

FIRSTLY! ;) congrats Soya

Tahniah, anda telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Siri 6/2009.

NOKP : 910321105819

DAMN i am happy :)

FUCK U LARH I'M HAPPY! stupid sial goverment! :( I'm always that unlucky one . u SEE la so many people want kena don let them kena! i don wan waste my time lehh. stupid!

u see now! who wan kena din kena one :(

*click to enlarge*

goverment , if u're reading this , please make this both kena .! i pray they kena la. they fat fat cute cute one :( especially ONION! he got breast samo leh :(

i hate hate larh . that 3month . i can do anything i wan , i wanna work , i wanna do many stuff! but wthell i kena la! if you wanna make me 6packs! i promise you la. before my NS i give u see 6packs! don lemme go NS la. wtf!

Brotha United so far , 3 Person Kena 7 Din Kena , Others not sure ! the web side is damn damn busy :(

aiyooy MCB la. i very pekchek now. If I'm at NS , i will miss a lot people and i will cry there wehh wtf? haha.

sooo far. I'm okay already la. congrats for kena NS , people said its FUN! i trust them , i just don't want to waste my time there. I'm Disappointed!

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