Aug 25, 2008

78 days more :(

dead dead dead. LOL.

school start tomorrow , sure sien sien one . don't talk bout school first :D

okayyyyy.. last Thursday went pyramid with Ben , Randy , Penny and Kevin .
i wanna shop there and buy something for my dad. end up? nothing i buy .
watch wall-e . i almost sleep in the cinema . because the movie doesnt talk one. wahlau. not a bad movie actually. okay okay only la.. meet up with mummy after movie , then we have kimgary . after that separate so i go find Juicy. after awhile Jessica call me go cari Yuan Ming accompany him , so that i heard that they have problem so we go yamcha at Uncle Lim . Yam yam yam dunno how long~ omg la so sien . i tell u la. Holiday so sien , school also sien can die . then go cari the girls then we go yamcha again at Kim Gary . adoii. can die man every time yamcha . i dint know they were so funny LOL. after that Ben come find me then go find mummy la. after so long tak cari her she still so BISING and mention bout Kimberly . WAHLAO! samo say Kimberly come find her all la. make me PEKCHEK only. stupid Kimberly jie. *dia tak nampak* wohoo :D then mummy drop me at Ben house then me and Ben ajak Loon for yamcha .. went Berkeley . talk bullshit again . Ben was superb scary that day because his punch very pain out of sudden . last time always jao jui one :( we talk till 1 plus! or 12 plus dunno la. have a lot fun that day . sorry Ben i dump u awhile cari my kawan . then Randy , Penny , Kevin . u three go back also tak tau cakap. babi! :D i blog because i cant sleep so early lol.

Friday ermmm , whole day at home and tuition.
Saturday went cousin house.
Sunday cousin house because Olympic USA vs Spain . adoi USA menang! they so lanC la.

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