Aug 14, 2008

Firstly , Be Stimulated By Rejection :)

familiar kan?

Next .
About me . As you people know , I'm a Happy person right? tell u guys something . I'm a guy that at least cry once a week . At least . serious la. no one understand me one la. i can be happy ! no matter what because i don't want to let people worried! especially my Brotha United! - VINCENT TONG . we having same problem but mine is much serious . as u know! i been arguing with my dad since my birthday , i remember the date , the time , the location . is My Birthday . I'm asking him for my driving lesson money , He screw me up with a loud tone . i remember it was in the evening , location is my house fishpond! very sad okay , he promise me to let me had my Driving lesson after my birthday and get me a car . is all lies! that day started . each time i saw him , i hated him how much i could , and i dint even call him dad as well , u guys can imagine la. how many fucking day i being mad. then today . sister cant fetch me back from tuition so my uncle - father brother fetch me back so he ask me . u doesn't look like a bad child why are u arguing with your dad . i dint answer and i knot my head . he screw my mood and i went crying in the mamak . imagine la. embarrassing la. i tell u la. In all my brothers No One saw i cry before . except i was at discipline room with my sister . penolong kanan screw me up. lol. after then i wake myself up . why am i so stubborn ! haihh . because of my dad and mom relation i must hated my dad! is not right actually i din't think of it. if they were divorce la. they ask me who i choose . i will choose no one . because I'm still young . i don't know what the hell is family. since the day i argue with dad i start to think for future . i been working . salary used up for tuition and allowance . then i reach home . i sms my dad and said sorry . i really feel sorry i don't know why . because my Uncle screw me la. i understand the Soe family la. always argue between brothers . I saw before Uncle argue with Uncle but they are really good together now. he told me u say sorry . u never lost anything u get loved too .

Sister , sorry for making u angry each time , sorry for the mafan . sorry for kacau u fetch me there and here , what to do la. you are the only one fetching me around with your MyV. hah . dad and mom? nehh . don't fetch me one . sorry for did not ask your permission bring your MyV fetch Ben and Loon to berkeley. sorry that day i been angry because u not lending me your car. i don't know why la. You are the one call me take my license fast and let me drive fast but i waited too long that's why i fed dup. i love you Lol.

To People's,
thanks for advising me , especially my baby lyn , mummy kerlin , samantha , my bi Rose. my piggy YiWen :) i don't know why they always with me .

p/s : I'm not a player , and all of them are my close one LOL :)

p/s : what to get for dad as a present?

this picture is where i cry , tissue all over the plate! hah :)

people can see me smile all the time , in school , outside school , everywhere. but my heart is different . i don't want to make people worried. i don't like mafan people actually. so. my fake smile is always a lies. :)

feeling much better now , after typing all these! :D

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