Mar 21, 2009

I'm Finally 18th! OFFICALLY 18th!
my bday eve past with Kowie,TengTeng,Woon,Jessica,Azam and "Cock"
fetched Kowie and Woon from tuition and decided what for dinner for a very long time.
went Klang Parade end up back to EngAnn mamak.
zha dao.
later on ask TengTeng to join us for Station One.
waited she bath was like damn damn long weh.
SherLin join us awhile before she went tuition.
we were trying to provoke her to skip her tuition,
Plan FAILED :(
after that fetch Teng,
after that went Station One.
Kowie chao early
Me , Teng and Woon sat till 11.30p.m
after that i rush to Subang.
to meet up Jessica and the gang.
i went late.
the gang go back already.
so sing till around 1 at NEWWAY.
after that they decided to go Shisha.
nah I'm good boy i don't take.
and im back!
and I'm finally 18th!

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