Mar 20, 2009

Ben , Lee Kiat , Ai Pei , Jia Lin left for NS Siri 6 Kumpulan 2 /2009 today.
I'm gonna miss them weh! :(
Last Night went yamcha with Fion , Ben and Kyalin
at Asoka till 11pm++
after that me and Ben went Cybercafe to look for the Brotha.
we played till 1am++
kinda early because everyone is working.
Tay overnight my house then we slept around 2am+
then woke up at 5am.
and fetch CheeSiang , Tong and Ben.
reached the stadium around 6am.
kinda early so we decided to go eat KFC.
JOMM JIMAT again and again.
everyone with the blurrr look!
chicken chicken. yums

having their meals.

half cooked chicken! haha

after that we went off to the stadium.
reached there.
meet up with JiaLin at first.
then i called Ai Pei.
she told me she is still at home.
OMG la
then call Jie Yee.
he said he will come back and grow muscle.
they are flying over the sea weh.
Jie Yee ,Ben and Ai Pei same camp.
lucky bastard!
i meet Yong there too! my Brother.

from the left : me , CheeSiang, Tay , Ben and Tong.

so crowded. alot of mother crying haha.
we went back around 9.
i think 2nd batch more hot chicks than first weh!
while on the way back! CheeSiang and Tong keep talk cock and make me can't concentrate my driving.
me and Tay was like almost fainted because of them.
all the way from Shah Alam till Chee Siang reach Home!
after that reached home , switch on the air cond.
sleep at the living room while the two giants dont know what they were doing.
woke up around 12pm+
then watch some DVD about Michael Jordan .
till around 2p.m
send Tay back for him to Bath.
then went to HICT at Klang Parade.
ask for some course.
till damn late la. 5pm after the counselor finish.
head off to AEON and find EZY.
then Su Ee , Chee Siang join us for Meal.
at Rasa Mas. they konned my TAX weh
at last Tong has his haircut.!
thats all for today.
tired tired tired!


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