Mar 24, 2009

About my 18th birthday!
in the morning went TARC to register!
at last i register.
came back round 1p.m.
then went aeon look for job.
asked a lot of outlets.
then went home have a break.
after that 7pm went for my aunts house.
some party and so and so.
later on 11pm went N&J lepak with Brotha.
then went Yasako Cafe till around 3am.
i dint blow a birthday cake this year. almost every year.!
i did blow a cake on 22nd , but i dint wish for anything because is not my birthday already.
my aim for my life.
millionaire 35-40 year old.
successful human.
have a lovely family.
wish list for the my birthday was
a new hand phone
a laptop for college
study event management
suchhh a boring day without working! weheee. 2molo LiPeng no work , cannot kacau her -.-'
2molo can know 1 more old worker that i don't know who!

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