Mar 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Two of my best buddy in NS!
both are from Klang also.
one is on 22nd and one more is on 24th March.
Yong Chee Seong and Sia Joo Loong.
we always stick together wherever we go !
i know Yong before NS and i saw before Loong before NS.
one was a bboy partner , one was tuition/basketball mate.
we meet each other up at PLKN KEM TASIK CHINI RESORT.
so what now!
Apply for National Service now!
is damn fun i tell you :)
indah tasikmu menyimpan kenangan.

cleaning some rumah yatim

Yong act cute!

posing at Kuantan Temple.

posing on our beloved board.
from Left , Loong (24th) , Andrew (25th) , Yong (22nd) , Me (21st)
we are March Baby.

jeng jeng jeng jeng!

Loong welcome everyone to the ladang teh.

me , loong , yong , man foo , brandon

cutting hair!
don fear botak , let botak fear you!

the both at lake chini!

loong said damn cool la heavy rain in the midnight when rushing to dewan.
is 3am okay!

showing their muscle. ahem.
at last , we provide 6 meals per day!

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