Dec 15, 2008

today is weird day. seriously weird!
besto call me ask me go out , i told her i don't have car , 
so she said she fetch yunnteng first only fetch me .
okay lor. fetch already. then we wanted to fetch Loon.
but i call him several times until i reach his house went in.
saw his mum sleeping on the couch. dint saw him .
then call again. weirdo sound again :(
so we plan to go station one .
change plan again because of Besto.
so we sat at A&W nearby tesco.
Besto is so ahem ahem . dunno how to say la.
mahuan , this and that .
yunnteng pulak talking yashoh. 
wahhlau , went out with this two weirdo :X
then Ben say he come over after his dinner.
so plan change again. we said we are going Mc Donald.
he told me He was ON HIS WAY! 
diao him la. i call him around 20times. phone credit drop from 8 buck till 4. :( 
knn , call call call. around 30mins!
Besto started O-M-G then we think stuff.
i call her sis , Bel ,then house , Benita. then Loon.
Besto were like Patroling around A&W and McDonald*
wtf weh! he call back and said WHERE YOU ALL LA? 
then i ask WHERE YOU LA!?
he said MC D! i said : ohokay we coming now! u wait there! aha.
even Chan also finding him. stupid asshole.
then reach MCD . woi u dunno answer phone one issit? .
he said u where got call me . then i quickly snatch his phone and check phone.
mana tau betul betul tak ada weh. knn. i jong guai issit? :(
babi sueh betul. we talk talk talk dint even order food we chao d.
then someone said. MIDNIGHT MOVIE!
then midnight movie lol. 
but Besto need to put the car back to her house so Ben need to fetch her. then Ben fetch her and Yunnteng go midnight movie at bukit raja.
mana tau semua sudah tutup ><" WEIRD la today. knn betul..
went Lucky Ten yamcha . drink till quite long. playing, laughing , siaoing , adoi !
have fun laughing actually. good day :)
then yunnteng and besto turn back into back situation . AHHA. no more weirdo. :)

love story anybody? :)
love is blind .
why can u act nothing happen ? :(
arhhh , donwan talk bout it la.
ns coming people.
dont miss me alright? :D

Marry me Juliet .
You'll never have to be alone.
i love you thats all i really know. 

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