Dec 4, 2008

this few day was kinda emo sial.
just because someone.
i dunno what she want la.
treat me like fuck.
then treat me like angel.
stress my whole night before my last paper !
then there was my Besto there to save me! haa.
chat chat chat till forget study for perdagangan.
i call angel to wake me up at 4.30am so i can study.
guess what? 
around 10+ miss call
and i woke up at 8.20 
was rushing to school.
cause my paper start at 8.10!
reach school 8.50.
saw Ben , Loon , Onion outside already.
i was like OhShit. gone my paper. 
but the teacher let me i was like Wow. Bless Her.
end up? Inside see the paper . wtf is that and this and that?
is like i don't even know how to answer!
so finish the first paper, we went Cyber Cafe to wait for the 2nd paper!
SPM is over. woots!
reach home get ready and went Loon house.
all Brotha meet there then is time to CHIONG!
Pyramid :)
i saw banyak orang sana .
Yong , Aipei , Zixin , Angel , Robyn , Randy , Jerry , Su Ching , Nush , Colin , Roy , Yi Mei with her Bf , Besto , Yunnteng , Jiachyi , and a Subangjaya Leo member forget her name :D

went to eat KFC then went walk walk walk.
walk like for few hours , everyone was rushing back.
reach Klang around 6.30 then follow Ben.
me and Ben went gym later!
went till like 9.00!
then went drink tea with Loon , Ben , Besto , Yunnteng , Jiachyi.

i guess i have fun whole day but i'm still stess in my love problem and my gym problem. something that i can't do :( damn!

to her,
i'm sick of how you control this relation.
start , pause , start 
what you want , i gave u .
but u just tell me i scared to hurt u again.
i give u time , why u want to tell me this?
straight forward.
no confident then i don't want to couple.
i rather being hurt early then late.
i dint say i dint giv u time to accept me.
why everytime wan to tell me u scare to couple.
i treat you because i fcking love u .
and u ask me to treat u bad. omg la. i freaking push away my love and start to treat u bad.
and now u started to treat me better.
i seriously don't know what you want.
on phone also donwan,
fetch you then donwan.
everytime i ask u something, 
u will end up not replying. 
then u change topic.
all you say.
you win .
i lose.
thanks besto for the advice.!

SPM is over!

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