Dec 25, 2008

This is for my huggable stussy :)


Its the Santa Daddie here :)

Note: The son is effing lazy to update his blog so he asked Daddie to do this instead.

Soe will be leaving on the 27th for NS. Of course he is heavy-hearted lah.
Then he said everything is unpredictable, he said he might die there unexpectably too. GRR.
* CHOY! * And he says he will miss everyone here especially............ heh.

Daddie hopes for the best for you for the coming days and hope you live your moment there okay? :)
It would be a life changing moment for you when you're there,
may turn to be more independent,
boost up your leadership and all..
thinner, ( you know you want it xD )
cuter ( you're already cute enough.).

Picture of him that Ive taken. heh.
which Des said this looked like a white babi swimming in the water. . Ops.
Kill Des. muahaha.

So he is going to Kayu tonight to ber-bonding with the Brothas later.
Might have a sleepover party with them too,

I know, this sounds gay. bleh.

Signing off,

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