Jan 3, 2009

Mr. Soya speaks.

Well, not excatly. Lol. Boon Yee here. Yeah. He wants me to say, he misses everyone. Especially his brothers and family. So, yeaah. Soya misses you guys very much. =) And yeahhh, he told me he's turning HOT. Ahem.. We'll see, then. xD So, yeaaaaah. And he asked me not to hunt for any hot guys now. I havta wait for him! HAHAHA! No way man Soya. No way. LOL. And he says I am an asshole. LOL. Andddd, Soya told me he's flirting with all the Malay chicks there. LOLOLOL. Soyaaaa! You damn geng can. LOL. Alright. I'll update his blog after he tells me something stupid or he asks for it. =) Goodbye, good day.

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