Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Soya requested me to update his blog too ^^
suee here~

Too bad that Soya is not with us~
I helped brothas to book tickets for Bedtime Stories
at first i'm gonna join them
but i get food poisoning real swt =.="

so they watched movie from 7.40 pm till 9.40 pm

After the movie Loon called by using Yap's phone
He ask me to save pictures from friendster and save it in my phone first
At first i thought is Yap
when i go to his profile i found out doesn't have the album
I msg him and this time i only know is Ah Loon
Cause he say Lin's profile this and that
But the album is locked
He called again say about 3 mins gonna reach my house already
I ask him to come in my house and do it himself
cause i very sick ><"
damn dizzy when i looked at the screen or tv

Only Loon , Jih Yong and Teoh Cha came
i teach them how and the rest they do it
hahaha xD
kinda funny cause Loon say he never use laptop
and...the photos too
10 pm they go back lu~

Time flies ~
Here comes 2009 !!!
Happy New Year 2009 to everyone !!!

sorry soya i know my english lousy~

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