Sep 28, 2008

to me , most important is 
family , friends and money!
i'm seriously broke
and officially broke.

so today early in the morning
went swimming with the Brotha.
Chris joined us .
early in the morning few morning call 
but i still continue sleep until they outside my house :D
such a pig as a pig.

after that we went Pandamaran have our lunch.
then some of them came my house to lepak lepak.
after few hour Loon wanted to come and fetch us to Subang :D
As you people know la, Klang cannot compare with Subang. 
ahaha like what some of us said.
went Asia Cafe . was kinda lost LOL. 
ate a lot. my bloody wallet left below RM 10 :(
sick of dad because no allowance was givin this month .
gone case for me .
got to find some big big idea to earn earn earn.

after back to Klang , we went Aeon look for movie to watch 
but none of it suits us so we went back and change driver .
so Ben fetch us to Berkeley there to lepak awhile .
and eating western food.
such a nice and tiring day .
Sunburn killed me :(

have a nice day people.
be happy and happy again .
Diet on the way for me :)

Happy Birthday Michy Jie 
Happy Birthday Cheyenne.

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