Sep 7, 2008

Something Impossible

So.. Something Impossible just happen . and i think Nothing is Impossible unless u can catch the star in the sky.
Today was suppose to study with itu pompuan bernama Amy!
She put one A-E-R-O-P-L-A-N-E.
i bought all the book she ask! past year paper , all la!
so i MSN Joel to join me , he said okay! no problem then I msg Ben too.
So there goes the Group Study! :D
Sister fetch me there. she say U eat wrong medicine . study? wtf! ha ha.
1p.m I reach Mc Donald! Palapapapaaa~I'm loving it!
so i was looking for a place that got plug to charge my damn low battery phone.
no place . damn so sit at a side then started to do Maths! i tell u arh! The Mc Spicy Shake Fries arh! FUIYOH SEDAP SIAL. at least spend 15 bucks on Mc D. keep order order order.
2 p.m Ben came so we begin! ha ha. dO do do do do.bullshit shit shit shit shit.
then 3 Plus! that time Joel got appointment! so He went off!! Me and Ben die liao. Dunno do keep refer book. wahlau eh. we some more make fun of the question cause we cannot get the answer!
few minutes later from the back! we saw his Bro. haha. Benjamin! :) the Ben . the Brother come with His friends.
His reaction was kinda funny.
few Hour later. Joel came back! Weheeeee there goes the teacher. LOL.
buat buat buat sampai pukul 6! go fetch the Belinda .fetch her home. The Be's family.

Candid la..
Mc Dong Dong!
Fever la me ;(

Charging my phone HAHA!

See his Reaction! LOL.

Uncle And Auntie!

Mc D makan all my money .


Tak tau buat lahh dehh!
After fetching Belinda back we went find Loon . to pass him some stuff and plan to study after finding him so we call him to join us and ask Teoh Cha come along. two agree! then was planning where to study and Loon say he must wait till 10 o`clock cause he have basketball training!
so i call them come my house study first and wait for that Loon . then after we go out from Loon house reach the Bayu trafic light.! YESS arh Heavy Rain! haha. then reach my home he come and meet us up and study! wtf wtf. all fever study study !
study for hours then they feel hungry! see my house food not enuf i eat some more need giv them eat. wahlauu eh.. 10 packs of Magee Mee , 10 batang Hotdog. out of 5 our own . *joke* 5 egg. is like one big big pot of magee mee. hahah everyone makan then continue study! study study study i Ko-ed d. so i take picture haha. they still continue . then for awhile Teoh Cha Ko-ed. the girl la call him . kns . then Joel Mum call. so they go back d. haha.

The Books! haha.

See Joel teaching Loon , IMPOSSIBLE!

Teoh teaching Ben , wtf wtf

My book while waiting Joel.

Brighten up my day!

The tv is On but no one is watching haha.
after makan already.!still continue.! wtf ehh

see Ben with his "toys"

i cannot tahan him @@


Change Book le. Lol. Transformation! wehee loved.

Why So Serious?

Put A Smile On Your Face .

Hit Me.


Blank paper.

See Teoh . Ko- Ed d. talking on the phone .fat hao.

Terbalik pulak hahaa.. FUNNY la him! cute guy!
Study is Important
I'm trying to Study :)
So when u read this! Please msg me to call me study!
I make alot of nonsense when they were studying.
Because i was damn damn sien!
Nothing is Impossible!
Love is Impossible?
Not for me! haha.
I miss her. Lol.
study for a better future!
Good Luck!


Fiona said...

wei.. i tink u take more pictures n eating than doing all those maths stuff.. =p wakakaka..

SOYABEAN! said...

u quite bad one lorhh and arhh which fiona u are?

Fiona Chew said...

haha.. joking la.. no harm.. dun la angry k.. =) Fiona chew aka fattie in msn.. LOL!!