Apr 6, 2009

I'm Super Duper Unlucky!
3rd April.
working full day .
Bro called me to buy shopaholic 9.pm
then i bought ,
after that he told me he want to change to 11pm one.
cant sold out the ticket so wasted the couple sit for 9pm.
bought the 11pm movie after that .
then i close shop kena diu by manager.
then bro told me he cant go for the movie ,
totally a waste of RM 44.
4th April.
a very unlucky day also.
close shop , finding transport to go home .
mum dint answer call , sis was at shah alam , bro wasn't in Klang.
so follow friends , then overnight Desmond house.
5th April.
most unlucky.
working cashier , lost RM16 , part time and full time cashier pay for it.
close shop , asked bro to come fetch me , he say find sister to fetch me,
so i went ask sis , she was at shah alam , so i called mummy ,
then mummy never answer phone called.
i left 2 bucks in my wallet because i never bring much money to work.
lucky my pet mummy gave me RM10 yesterday.
but is already used for my lunch and pay for the RM8 for the cashier.
left 2 bucks sit bus , then lend from my friend again.
so i got 4 buck.
so sit bus to Klang(RM1)
around 15Min's.
no more bus to Port Klang .ZZZ..
sit taxi , owe the taxi money first , till i reach home pay him back.
lucky I'm still here . thanks angel for praying!

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