Nov 8, 2008

i miss school :(
 the teacher that scold me every time . 
thanks for all your knowledge.
although i always make all of you 
a lot 
more .
feeling weird when there is no one shouting at you this and that . 
bla-ing you everyday when you sleeping in class :(
no more after this so many years.
like what Tong said.
no dimerit , no scolding , no more advice.

I really wanna thanks all the teacher that teach our class
try to control us . 
but all fail.

thanks my class teacher for this two year , your nagging , your scolding and your patience.

thanks my club teacher.
for helping me so much when i needed help ,
such as advice , someone to talk to and a lot more.

thanks to my maths teacher.
with your help,
i improve my maths from the 9g to 5c . a lot of improvement .

to all the teacher who teach my class .
thank you so much for all the scolding but i really dint realise until today .
when about leaving the school. THANK YOU.

to Mr Loh.
thanks for your advice , scolding , punishment .

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